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Are you sick of Ris Low yet?

I am quite sick of seeing her grabbing media headlines actually. However, if you are not sick of her yet, here’s a video of an interview Ris Low did with Shan and Rozz on clicknetwork:

In the video, Ris Low spewed swear words openly and coined another term, “Shingz” to add to her “Boomz” dictionary. She also stripped to her “bigini” at the ending. No doubt a publicity stunt.

If you don’t know also, Ris Low has started her personal website/blog – http://rislow.sg/

Clearly, she loves all the attention, regardless if it’s positive or negative. Are we all going to still lap it up to her to inflate her ego?

The way I see it, she is following closely in the footstep of another Internet superstar – Steven Dragon Lim. Will Ris Low also be opening a modeling agency too in the near future? :)

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Phua Chu Kang mimicking Ris Low

My English is better than Ris Low!
My English is better than Ris Low!

Our favourite yellow boot fashionista contractor is back for a new season on television.

Check out Phua Chu Kang‘s spoof video, mimicking Singapore’s favourite dethroned beauty queen, Ris Low:

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Ris Low’s Chinese Interview

The Terminator
The Terminator

I believe most people had already seen dethroned Miss Singapore World 2009, Ris Low’s “outstanding” English interview. Have you seen her Chinese interview?

Here’s an interview which she did recently with omy.sg where she spoke in Chinese:

To be fair to Miss Low, her Chinese isn’t half as bad as her English. She also appears to be  sincere and earnest in the interview. Makes me feel kind of sorry for her for all the bad press she has been getting lately. What do you think?

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Ris Low to retake exam, undergo stricter probation laws

Ris Low loves to appear to newspaper covers
Ris Low loves to appear to newspaper covers

There seems to be no end to the controversies surrounding recently dethroned Miss Singapore World 2009, Ris Low.

The latest news is that Ris has been barred from shopping alone and also made to retake her exams at a private educational institution she studied in.

A district court ordered that she be accompanied by a relative when shopping. It was among stricter terms imposed on her yesterday, in a regular review of her progress during her 24 months’ probation.

With regards on her having to retake her exams, Ris had been found with some notes inside her pencil case during the original examination in August this year, said her lawyer, Mr Sng Kheng Huat.

You can read the full reports on omy.sg:

Stricter probation laws for Ris Low

Ris Low has to retake exam

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Ris Low: Guilty of Credit Card Fraud


The now notorious Singapore pageant queen, Miss Ris Low is not so innocent after all.

Juicy breaking news on mypaper front page today:

Miss Ris Low is not so innocent
Miss Ris Low is not so innocent

The recently crowned Miss Singapore World 2009 had earlier been found guilty of credit-card fraud and was convicted of five charges of misappropriation, cheating using illegally obtained credit cards, and impersonating their users’ identities.

Not only her English is bad, her character is bad too.

Here’s the full article via omy.sg:

Miss Singapore found guilty of credit card fraud
Guilty of credit card fraud, Miss Singapore World 2009 put 24 months’ probation.

Date: 25/09/2009
Source: mypaper
Journalist: DAWN TAY

She put on 24 months’ probation.

RECENTLY crowned Miss Singapore World Ris Low, 19, had earlier been found guilty of credit-card fraud.

The beauty queen was convicted of five charges of misappropriation, cheating using illegally obtained credit cards, and impersonating their users’ identities.

The first-time offender was sentenced in May this year to 24 months of supervised probation, said a Subordinate Courts spokesman in response to a query from my paper.

Another 60 charges were taken into consideration for the purposes of sentencing, he said.

Court documents show that Miss Low spent a total of more than $2,400 on at least four separate occasions, using at least three different credit cards in April and May last year.

She bought two gold anklets worth almost $1,000, a $698 mobile phone, and food and drinks at a swanky restaurant.

It is not known how she obtained the credit cards.

my paper understands that her previous employer, a health- care company, made a police report about her in April last year.

It suspected that Miss Low, who worked there for five months as a patient-service assistant, had used credit cards belonging to its patients. It asked her to leave the following month.

Before leaving, she was said to have returned a part an unspecified sum of the total amount she had spent using the cards.

When contacted, Miss Low, now a student, said that she was “not in a position to comment”.

The organiser of the Miss Singapore World pageant, ERM World, did not respond to queries as to whether it was aware of her criminal record during the pageant.

The international Miss World pageant will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in December. It is unclear whether Miss Low will be allowed to leave the country to take part in it.

Here’s a recap of her interview where Miss Low professed her love for beekinee, leopard prings and zzz-braaa prings:

You may also want to check out these Ris Low spoof videos.

This lady really knows how to make herself the centre of attraction. Quoting Miss Ris Low for her now famous phrase: “It’s all about ME! Vooms!”

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