Super Shitty Day – the Day After

Update on my previous post on super shitty 28 July 2007.

Well, it is 29 July 2007 now. The day after.

My eMac is still down. The Apple Service Centre is closed on Sundays. I guess I will have to call back tomorrow.

As for me, I couldn’t sleep the whole of last night due to the nagging pain in my throat. To make things worse, while I was actively soothing my throat by downing mug after mug of warm water, I was also actively losing fluid through my nose which was running like a broken tap. Liquid in from one channel, liquid out immediately from another channel.

I eventually gave up trying to sleep and tried to entertain myself by watching the FRIENDS DVDs that my sister lent me.

Friends Title
Not recommended for viewing when you are sick

It made me feel even worse. Somehow, when you are sick, canned laughter and corny jokes make you sicker. I wanted to strangle the Joey Tribiani and Chandler Bing characters after watching three continuous episodes.

I tried to do some reading after that. It was a Chinese book about China’s Last Emperor, Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi‘s later stage in life as a commoner under the communist regime. The book was an interesting read, but a tat too heavy for a sick person. Plus my mucus keep dripping on the book which is super gross.

Eventually, I spent the rest of my time tossing and turning in bed, trying to sleep in spite of the nagging pain.

When it was finally 8.30am (the time the clinic opens), I rush off to see the doctor.

As I was early, the consultation session went fast. I was prescribed with the usual flu tablets, lozenges for the throat, a bottle of cough syrup, antibiotics and a weird ‘detox’ mouth gargle. I supposed the latter is to help keep my mouth clean to prevent further infection to my pathetic throat.

Oh, and I was given two days MC for today and tomorrow. Hence I won’t be working tomorrow. Not really a good thing as I have work to clear before I fly off to Bangkok this Thursday. Sigh.

On top of my work, I still have to worry about my stupid IPPT and video editing that needs to be completed asap (dependent on the status of my equally sick eMac).

Hopefully, I can have a speedy recovery before Wednesday so I can go sit for my IPPT. I seriously cannot imagine having to waste another month going through the boring and time-consuming RT regime again.

Get well soon Alvinology.

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Super Shitty Day


I have a very bad day today.

First off, I am sick again! I seem to have a strange habit of falling sick every single weekend. Only this time, it’s more severe than just a bit of morning sinus and slight sore throat. My throat is burning and my nose is leaking mucus like a dripping tap. Totally feel like shit right now.

To make things WORSE, when I was using my eMac to find some information on the nearest company-affiliated clinic to visit tomorrow, it CRASHED!

My Poor eMac

Here’s how my sick eMac looks like now

Double Fxxk!

Now I have two things to repair tomorrow – myself and my eMac.

Both crashes couldn’t have occur at a more opportune time.

I am flying off to Bangkok this Thursday and I certainly don’t want to travel sick. I also have a stupid IPPT scheduled on this coming Wednesday which I can’t afford to miss. Missing it will mean I have to redo the whole damn RT training again. I abso-fxxking-lutely hate the SAF! Fxxk RT and IPPT. I already served my two and a half years life sentence… can’t they just let me off after that?

On top of this, I also have to get some video editing to be completed just before I fly off. Now with my eMac down, I am really very worried about the deadline.

Damn it.

I hate today.

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning, everything will be fine again.

Then I will be my normal self again – minus all the cursing and swearing.

Psst… Anybody have tips on repairing eMac? Do email me at or drop me a reply below. Help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Who is Oscar the cat?

Lianhe Wanbao 《联合晚报》 caught my eye yesterday as it published the most darling picture I have ever seen (Homer Simpson: “so far”) grace its front page. Oscar the psychic cat! Have you heard? Have you seen?

Oscar the psychic cat
This picture of Oscar was taken from

After hearing why people say Oscar is psychic, you’re most likely to not wanna meet him. Other than that Oscar lives a thousand miles away in a hospice on Rhode Island, USA (actually I don’t know exactly how far Rhode Island is from Singapore, so I’m just being figurative here k), this two-year-old shorthaired moggy can predict which patient will die within the next two to four hours! According to the Associated Press who interviewed Dr. David Dosa, a doctor working in Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Oscar will curl up next to a patient who is about to pass away and will stay there until that person breathes his or her last!

He’s already successfully predicted 25 cases of death. At his 13th case, a nurse working there who had been observing him for a few months was thoroughly “convinced of his talent” when he beat a doctor at predicting the time of death of a dying patient. The patient had exhibited signs of impending death: not eating, breathing with difficulty and a bluish tinge at the legs – but Oscar turned tail from her bedside. The nurse thought Oscar’s winning streak had been broken, but it turned out that the doctor’s prediction was 10 hours early – Oscar indeed joined the patient just two hours before her last moment.

Interestingly, everybody I have met face to face (so far) expressed their horror and shuddered at this news, saying that it’s terrible to have a harbinger of death like Oscar the Cat prowling the premises of a hospice. I’m wondering if it’s because Lianhe Wanbao re-interpreted the story into their freaky Grim Reaper angle.

As a cat lover, Oscar is totally rad news to me. I’d love to meet Oscar. I mean, if time’s up, time’s up, right? (Ever tried to prise your exam paper from your invigilator’s hands before? I haven’t. Not for more than five minutes.) Anyways, furthermore, seeing as I won’t be able to bring my own cat to the hospital (and why can’t I if I am dying!?! but more on that later), it’d be nice to have Oscar to snuggle with when I go to the place over the rainbow.

The nurse also said that since Oscar is highly accurate, the hospice is able to call up family members of the dying patient so they can ask them to rush down and spend the remaining two hours with their loved one. That’s another plus why Oscar is good to have around. That is why he recently received a wall plaque publicly commending his “compassionate hospice care.”

On, a US-based website that – okay, I haven’t fully figured out its real purpose of existence other than provide a platform for cat lovers to speak silly cat lingo (again, more on that in a later post, perhaps) and amuse themselves with edited cat pix – many users expressed their fondness for Oscar, saying that he’s “an angel in disguise” or a “Bodhisattva kitteh”, and like me, they’d be pleased to cuddle up to Oscar in their darkest hour. You can click on the image to access its 228 responses.

Is psychic, you're next
Taken from

One of them also referred to another news story about a psychic cat.

Superstitions and scientfic speculations of Oscar’s uncanny behaviour aside, I’m fascinated by his story because we don’t have a similar animal-loving environment in Singapore. 😦

In Japan, seeing-eye dogs are allowed to accompany their owners almost everywhere. In Germany, commuters can bring their dogs to commute in the subway, just as long as it has a ticket (half price of adult fare). In some Russian restaurants and Japanese cafes, customers can bring their cats. In Hogwarts Castle, the janitor’s (Filch’s) cat, Mrs Norris, patrols its vast corridors. And apparently in US, hospitals keep cats and they proudly roam its hallways, collared and cared for.

Why can’t we be more permissive here? Yeah, yeah, racial sensitivities. But aren’t we supposed to consider society as a whole? What about the animal-appreciating community?

So if I have the luxury of owning a pet and need to bring it to the vet or someplace else, fine, I’m not allowed on public transportation vehicles like the MRT and bus – I need to pay more and take cab or drive. But what if I am blind and can get around better with my seeing-eye labrador? You think most of us are kind enough to stop and help (without being asked) a blind person to cross the road and whatnot? I need my labby to maul any potential molesters or pickpockets, okay.

And if I know I am going to die and choose to be warded in a hospice, I can’t bring my cat along, I’ll bet. Dammit, we can’t even legally keep felines in HDB flats. It’s time we stopped treating domestic pets as if they were a complete nuisance and start appreciating them as domestic helpers.

Anyone with me? 😀

Oh by the way, AntiAlvin here. 🙂

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Awaiting the Simpsons movie launch

Coming to Singapore this Thursday, 26 July 2007. (A special date of significance to me:) )

To prepare for the movie, I bought a cheapo Simpsons tee-shirt from Bossini at $13 (minimum of two pieces). What a geek ain’t I?

Homer Simpsons tee-shirt

The design suits me ‘cos I am getting rather chubby lately. I been trying to lose the pounds, but it’s really darn difficult!

Since we are on the topic of fat and unhealthy people, I have to report for RT three times this week. Very sian lei….

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Pirated Harry Potter ebook

Harry Potter and the deadly hallow
Photograph of the book’s interior (even before public release) Picture from BoingBoing

Yes… the pirated ebook is available online for free download!

Even before its official public release!

As reported on BoingBoing:

The new Harry Potter novel — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — has hit the Internet days before its publication. The publisher spent a reported $20 million on keeping the book secret. Was the money well-spent? As Bruce Schneier points out, the kind of person who downloads a series of photos of the pages of a giant novel is also the kind of person who’ll line up and buy a copy the night it comes out…

(This portion onwards EDITED as Scholastic is not happy… read HERE to find out more)

LATEST HARRY POTTER UPDATE: Click here to stand a chance win limited edition Harry Potter stamps!

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Inside-out Teddies

Bear 1 Bear 2 Bear 3

Bear 4 Bear 5Bear 6
Pictures taken from Foley Gallery

I love these photos of warped looking soft toys. They exude a certain tragic-happy feel that is inexplicable with written words.

These mangled creatures are actually teddy bears which have been turned inside-out by New York-based artist, Kent Rogowski.

To view the gallery in full, click HERE. My favourite teddy is HERE.

Said the press release on Rogowski’s photography exhibition:

In this body of work Rogowski presents a delicate and sensational series of teddy bear portraits. The bears appear different than ordinary stuffed animals. They have been turned inside out, re-stuffed and sewn back together, transforming them, creating entirely new creatures. The result of this enabled metamorphosis is a new kind of bear, sometimes grotesque or pathetic but often rather endearing. These new emblems no longer sustain the perfect image of childhood, but break apart this image into a complex picture of youth and development.

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The Mickey Mouse Challenge

M – I – C – K – E – Y… … M – O – U – S – E … …

Mickey Mouse!

Is the Mickey Mouse Club song ringing in your head right now? Man, don’t we miss that mouse with the squeaky gay voice?

Yesterday at 72-13, while we were sitting in the audience listening to the judges drone on and on about each video entries, I got bored and challenged Leon, Ding An and Rachel to draw their renditions of Mickey Mouse.

It was a random thing we did out of boredom. However, it produced very interesting results as the artworks were very different!

Here’s a picture of Ding An getting into action and drawing on the spot.

Ding An drawing

This is Ding An’s Mickey. Looks evil right?

Ding An's Mickey

This plain-looking and unimaginative one is by Rachel. I think she was focusing too much on drawing a graphical accurate version.

Rachel's Mickey

This is Alvinology’s Mickey. I drew him manga style.

Alvinology's Mickey

Finally, here’s Leon’s masterpiece.

Leon's Mickey

Which do you like best? Do drop us a comment so we can decide who’s the winner in our Mickey Mouse Challenge! 🙂

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