Who is Funtwo?

Watch the video and you will know. 🙂

Rock never dies!

Funtwo played and recorded his cover of Canon Rock two years ago, in 2005. He uploaded his video onto the Internet. It was then snatched up by an amazed viewer, who promptly uploaded the video to Youtube under the title “guitar. It was not long before it gathered popularity and speculation as to who was beneath the baseball cap. To date, it’s one of the all-time most watched video on the Internet with over 26 millions views.

Funtwo‘s real identity has been shrouded with mystery, with many coming forward claiming to be him. The New York Times (a newspaper I hold in high regards), revealed Funtwo’s real identity to be a 22-year-old Korean guitarist named Jeong-Hyun Lim in an article dated August 2006.

Jeong-Hyun Lim with his famous guitar (picture taken from New York Times)

Whoever he is… way to go man! Funtwo kick asses!

As you can tell, I am clearly very impressed with the video. I am watching and blogging about it two years after I first saw it. Still… I am blown away every time I watch the video again as it is symbolic of the whole Web 2.0 Internet Revolution where the masses are empowered in the media.

Do you feel the same way too after watching it?

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12 thoughts on “Who is Funtwo?”

  1. Actually it is 60+ millions now if you count all the various incarnations of the same video. My favourite would the re-sync version by Abtraw.

  2. And you claimed as funtwo… until the real funtwo showed up. Embarassing…. you are a liar alfonso candra

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