Golden Frogs!

Golden Frogs

As reported on Pink Tentacles:

Four mutant frogs with gold skin and red eyes, found by children in a grassy field in the town of Shimanto in Kochi prefecture, have gone on display at the nearby Shimanto River Gakuyukan science center. According to a center spokesperson who says the golden specimens are highly unusual, the 2.4-centimeter (almost 1-inch) amphibians appear to be black-spotted pond frogs (Pelophylax nigromaculata, a.k.a. Rana nigromaculata) whose skin turned gold because of an albino mutation that prevents the formation of pigment cells.

The original article can be found on Asahi in Japanese.

My first reaction when I read the article was to ponder what would happen if these frogs were discovered in China instead of Japan. The Chinese will probably think of a new culinary dish featuring “golden frog legs” – sold at a premium price, riding on the auspicious name.

For myself, I never like amphibians as I cannot stand the feel of slimy skins. I cannot envision myself keeping these as pets or even holding them. Then again, these golden variety do look quite cool. Hmmmm…

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