Win a Sony Ericsson K810i!

Something larger than STOMP is coming up!

I don’t know what is it exactly yet, but it’s Chinese, it’s sensational, and it’s FUN!!! prelaunched their site today with a damn cool teaser game that got me wasting about half an hour in the office. When they have 10 Sony Ericsson (my fave handphone brand!!) mobile handsets to give away and I need a new handphone, what’s a furtive half an hour of pretending to look busy?

Besides, out of the 10 mobile handsets, the top two prizes are the Sony Ericsson K810i, a phone I’ve been eyeing for two months now!!! It retails at $598; $398 for two-year contract with Singtel (just in case you were wondering why I didn’t just fork out the money to BUY it.)

How to play: You got thirty seconds (thereabouts) to snap as many newsworthy pictures as you can with your fake K810i. Before your battery runs out, you have to send the shots to 75858. More details can be found on

Here are some screenshots of the game:

Zap zap zap!

Sending in shots

Apparently something is going to happen on 25 Sept!

Anyways, I don’t understand how come the top scorers can get 1800 points lorh. Possible meh? Must leave comment and let me know what you think k?

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15 thoughts on “Win a Sony Ericsson K810i!”

  1. i can’t get past 800. maybe the paris hilton lookalike carried the most points? or was it the mooncakes on the tree? and how about the flamingo?!

    haha. ain’t easy to score!

  2. Now it’s 2100 points! This is crazy. 😦 I could only get the Ferrari once and I could never score the fighter planes.

    So those things that drop from the trees are mooncakes… And I wonder what’s the doughnut about. Looks like a horde of people worshipping the Great Chocolate Doughnut with Rainbow Sprinkles or something. Somebody please tell me what that “something” is… The Q at The Donut Factory at Raffles City?

    Good for you, Felicia, 1300 points. I got only until 24 Sept to be one of the top scorers. There MUST be some way to score, and I know that flamingo is NOT it lorh, cos though it’s clickable always, the points don’t go up when I click on it successively.

  3. LOL. There are tricks to it. Aim accurately. Some can be clicked a few times. Choose correctly what to click. And its based on luck too. I still cant figure out how people get to the 2000 mark lah. Lol.

    The donut thing is the queue bah. Lol.

  4. 🙂 Please support guys! Do help me publicise this game on your blogs as well if you don’t mind! Can use with all the support for this new site.

  5. Good to see OMY site coming up, stomp is simply just too overwhelmed by kids (or audlts who behave like one!) and unconstructive community which criticizes everything posted (thus limiting lots of entries). I hope to see this new OMY overtake stomp as THE camera phone photo news site.

    BTW, I could only get 1200 maximum in the score at a go! how can some get over 42000 in score? A hack?

  6. I think they are all crazy. I only managed 1200 at most! Heh.

    Hack? I don’t think so. You can’t hack Flash items or games. Or is it possible? Gee I don’t know.

    I wonder what those people are like. O_O

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