Pink and White Katydids

Pink and white katydids

Following my previous post on Golden Frogs, now we have Pink and White Katydids found in Japan. Ain’t they beautiful? They look more like ornaments than real insects.

As reported on Pink Tentacles:

When Osaka resident Kana Yamaguchi’s neighbors cut the grass in a nearby field, a number of fleeing insects sought refuge in her flower bed. Among them was an odd pair of grasshopper-like bugs – one pink, one white. Osaka Museum of Natural History entomologist Itaru Kanazawa identifies them as the larvae of Euconocephalus thunbergi (“kubikirigisu” in Japanese), a close relative of the katydid. While he says it is normal for these insects to change between green and brown to match their surroundings, pink and white are considered abnormal. Speculation is that the pink is an extreme variation of the brown coloration, and the white specimen is believed to be an albino, though nobody will know for sure until it becomes an adult. Regardless, says Kanazawa, “It is quite rare to find three different colors at the same time.”

The original article can be found on Asahi in Japanese.

Such is the beauty of the natural world.

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