Indian Condom Music Video

This is damn cheesy!

The person who posted it on Youtube describes the video as follows:

This is an entertaining and educational video in Telugu on Condom usage, to prevent from sexually transmitted infections and HIV, from Nrityanjali Academy, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

I am not too sure whether it is “educational”, but it’s definitely entertaining to me. 🙂

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Saw Scarf

A blogger called ladylinoleum crocheted a scarf shaped like a saw. Groovy!

SAw scarf

Check out the details on her blog, Monster Crochet. Other than crochet, there are many other interesting DIY posts as well.

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We had a little celebration yesterday (25/10) for our one month anniversary. Our Chinese Newspaper Division big boss, Robin Hu was invited to cut our custom-made cake from Bakerzin.

Thanks to strong public support, we managed to achieve 5 million page views in one month – way ahead of the initial 3 million page views we targeted for. To thank everyone, we are giving out a XBOX 360 console to the first person who can correctly guess our exact page views figure by 31 October 2007, 2359 hrs. Click on the banner below to join NOW.

midas click

Do continue to support! 🙂

Oh… and btw, today (26/10) is also ALVINOLOGY‘s birthday. It is also his sister’s birthday; and his girlfriend’s birthday (no kidding!). So convenient hor – can do a three-in-one birthday celebration!

Please flood my comment box with birthday wishes! I love to be loved and appreciated!

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How not to smudge your iPhone

phone fingers

Found this website selling phone fingers to prevent smudging on iPhones… Don’t know if it’s real or not, but I sincerely hope it’s not!

Please lah, a phone is a phone is a phone!

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World’s Creepiest Halloween Mask

Michael Jackson mask

With Halloween just round the corner, have you bought your costume yet? I have one recommendation that is guaranteed to make you the creepiest costumed character of the night: Michael Jackson. Nuff said. 🙂

Available for USD$30, shipping not included.

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Hello Kitty Assault Rifle

Check this out!

For just over USD$1,000, GlamGuns will sell you this ultra cool, custom Hello Kitty AK-47 assault rifle.

Hello Kitty Assault Rifle

Not available in Singapore as possession of firearm can carry a maximum death sentence. 🙂

A pity hor? Else maybe Xiaxue would buy one to gun down people she don’t like since she likes pink so much.

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2006 New Year Resolutions

2006 alvinology

Found them listed on my old blog. Let’s see how I have fared, close to two years later (I did not make any New Year resolutions in 2007 because I knew I will probably not be able to keep them).

1. Pass my IPPT (nope, nowhere close! In fact, I even had to go for remedial training twice)
2. Lose at least 5kg (nope, I think I gained 5kg instead)
3. Finish my film project The Party (nope, I have practically stopped making short films)
4. Set up webcomic Peeps (nope, I have also practically stopped drawing)
5. Master Flash (nope, I gave up on pursuing web design as a career)
6. Set up personal portfolio website (ok lah, I maintain two blogs now which are updated daily – counted? Can lah!)
7. Get a job, find my direction (yup, happily working in the web industry :))
8. Forget all the unhappy things (yup, can say I already done that)
9. Win at least one major design competition/award (nope, don’t even dare think about it anymore)
10. Be happy! (yup, I am now, thank you!)

Achieved 4/10. I need to try harder next time I list down another set of resolutions. Then again, I changed my career path lah. Hence a lot of the resolutions I made in 2006 are no longer that relevant.

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