Balls of Fury – So silly it ROCKZ!!!

I finally get to catch Balls of Fury together with Rachel on Friday night. We were both burnt out from work, but I really wanted to catch this silly movie as I have a sudden craving for low-brow entertainment and she relented (so sweet right?).

Guess what?

It didn’t disappoint!!!

I walked out all smug and smile, feeling 100 times smarter compared to the characters in the movie.

Rachel walked out puking all the way home because the movie was THAT AWFUL to her.

Balls of Fury stereotyped and romanticised Asians and our culture. Apparently, Ang Mohs can’t tell Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indo-Chinese apart, judging from the weird “oriental” costumes and props.

The male lead sucks. However, he is so bad that it’s funny, hence I will forgive him.

My favourite characters in the show are played by Maggie Q and James Hong. Maggie Q because she’s a super hot eye candy and James Hong because he is damn funny as the blind ping pong guru, Master Wang.

Maggie Q
Super hot!!!

Super Dumb!!!
Super Dumb!!!

Go catch this movie if you feel like getting insulted about your Asian culture or if you are into low-brow, retarded stuff like I do. 🙂 I guarantee it won’t disappoint.

It’s not suitable for viewing by people working in the Singapore civil service though – don’t say I never put disclaimer.

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