Saturday Night Fever

saturday night fever
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Damn it.

My temperature now is around 37.8 degree Celsius. It was 39.9 degree Celsius during the peak of my fever.

I have finished my prescribed medicine. If my temperature still does not subside to normal by tomorrow morning, I will pay another visit to the clinic.

I spent the whole of Friday and Saturday rolling about in bed, in a state of semi-consciousness – trying to sleep, but yet kept awake by the nagging cold and body aches.

Rachel was really nice. She made me beetroot juice on Friday, and came over again on Saturday with milk and cranberry juice. Liquid food is the only thing I ‘ate’ for the past two days as I totally have no appetite. This is strange as I still feel hungry though…

Fever sucks.

Can’t understand why John Travolta thinks it’s such a cool thing – especially on a Saturday night.

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