The Decapitator’s Street Graffiti

There’s this guy called “Decapitator” who goes around vandalising street ads to make the people appear as if they had their heads cut off.

Here’s the link to an online photo album showing his works.

I particularly like the subtle one he did on a particular ugly looking BEE and the other one featuring the super annoying High School Musical kids.

mr bee
Hi! Do you find my face annoying?

headless bee
Tada! It’s now GONE!

high school muscial headless
Look mom! We just cut off our friend’s head!

close up

If the joker tries to pull this off in Singapore, he/she is going to get a taste of the rotan just like a certain Michael Fay. Vandalism is frowned upon in Singapore and dealt with very seriously.

Kids – if you live in Singapore, please don’t try this. If you insist, then jolly well make sure you don’t ever get caught!

I think a clever word-of-advice would be to avoid the government ads especially. 🙂

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