Busy period at work

Picture via Nancy Harrison

Apologise for the slow updates lately… this is a busy period for omy with the upcoming Singapore Blog Awards on Friday, a trade show later today as well as planning for omy’s anniversary going on at the same time. There’s only one marketing guy at omy – if not for the kind help of my other colleagues, I think I will die of overexhausation now.

It’s 12 midnight now and I am still checking email, after getting home from the gala premiere of The Days movie – a collaboration with Sinema.SG to treat omy blog award finalists to watch the movie first-hand even before the movie starts screening. I hope everyone who showed up had a good time. Remember to blog about the movie. 🙂

If you are one of the Singapore Blog Awards finalists reading this, please COME for the award ceremony this Friday hor… and please check your email regularly; answer your phone; read RSVP instructions properly; do not fly aeroplane after you have RSVP for anything – be it a movie invite or gathering. Pardon me for the harsh language because I think some people really need to learn some basic courtesy and be appreciative of the effort put in by others to make all these happen.

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