Surfing the web anonymously:

For netizens who value your online privacy, here’s a useful website to bookmark – The site has been around ten years ago and is still going strong. Best of all, it’s FREE. They launched a toolbar recently. You can read more about it below. 🙂

As described on their website:

For 10 years, the leading web-based data security service Anonymouse is protecting the privacy and the informational self-determination (“the right of the individual to decide what information about himself should be communicated to others and under what circumstances”, Westin, 1970) of users in the internet world-wide. For free – because anonymity in the internet is a basic right for the operators of Anonymouse, which each citizen world-wide should be entitled to. Therefore, Anonymouse is protecting the civil rights, especially in totalitarian countries without civil rights whereas these rights are well-established in the free world.

In the digital world, where users are forced to reveal more and more personal data without beeing asked, this security is more important to protect the informational self-determination also in the internet. With Anonymouse this protection can be achieved easily. No installation of additional software is necessary, you just need an usual Internet browser and it is working on every computer system where an internet browser is available. Anonymouse can be used simply with the website

For the 10th anniversary of Anonymouse the operators thank all the users and the many supporters which turned Anonymouse to the leading web-based data security service around the world. In addition to this anniversary, a new project has been published which make the anonymous surfing with Anonymouse even more easier and faster:

Anonymouse Toolbar

The Anonymouse Toolbar enables privacy-aware users to use Anonymouse easily independently of the Anonymouse website and is also offering additional data-security-functions. The Toolbar is available for the browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, it can be downloaded for free at

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