Singapore Budget 2009

The most important building in Singapore
The most important building in Singapore

Minister for Finance, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, delivered the Budget Speech for the Financial Year 2009 in Parliament yesterday. You can find out more about the Singapore Budget 2009 via the official website.

Finally some good news before the Chinese New Year; for the first time since independence, our usually frugal government has decided to dip into the reserves this year to help Singapore businesses and households cope. Over S$20.5 billion were announced in recession-targeted spending.

To find out how it will directly impact you or your business, check out these two nifty tools – Household Benefits Calculator and Business Benefits Calculator, found on the official Budget website.

The generosity has not gone unnoticed in the international arena. Check out these news reports via various international media:

Forbes: Singapore unveils $13.6 billion stimulus package

Bloomberg: Singapore Cuts Company Tax, Taps Reserves Amid Slump

The Telegraph: Singapore shows the benefits of real prudence

BBC: Singapore budget targets recovery

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