China’s manufacturer create world’s first pirated Apple MacBook

Mirror image?
Mirror image?

In true China-pirated-product style… this “MacBook” has an inverted Apple logo and boots in Windows. You really have to hand it to the Chinese for being so blatant!

Here’s the original article in Chinese via tech.163:



根据介绍,这款WF188上网本采用了10英寸LED显示屏,分辨率为1024×576。搭配的是VIA Nano处理器,主频为1.3GHz,搭配VIA VX855芯片组。最高支持2GB内存,搭配2.5英寸40GB到160GB容量硬盘,也可选择16GB/32GB/64GB固态硬盘,带有SD /SDHC/MMC等卡槽和USB/VGA/耳机等接口。

WF188上网本可配置Windows XP Home或Linux系统。具备蓝牙、802.11b/g无线网卡,可支持3.5G HSDPA网络。提供3芯或6芯锂离子电池。

Here’s the translated article via EDMW:

Sure, you could always wait for Apple to release its first netbook (if they actually do). But over here in China, when we want something bad enough, we go and make it ourselves.

That’s right, manufacturers in Shenzhen have gone and created their own netbook. And in true copycat fashion, it has a hilariously inverted fruit adorning the top cover.

Spec-wise, the WF188 actually isn’t too bad. It has a 10-inch LED display with a resolution of 1024 x 576, a 1.3Ghz Via Nano processor with the VIA VX855 chipset, and a max of 2GB RAM. You can even choose between getting a 160GB hard drive or an up to 64GB SSD. Bluetooth, 802.11b/g wireless, and 3.5G HSDPA connectivity are also on board.

Thing is – despite the logo, the WF188 only runs either Windows XP or Linux. But hey, if you can Hackintosh a Dell Mini, getting OSX on this thing is just one other ingenious pirated solution away.

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