Singapore’s most inconsiderate driver contender

Singapores most inconsiderate driver contender
Singapore's most inconsiderate driver contender

I  think the driver of vehicle number SFX8818X is rooting to win the coveted title of “Singapore’s most inconsiderate driver”.

The lady driver illegally parked her car, blocking the bus lane at Tampines 1 for more than an hour. The incident occurred a day before the mall’s grand opening.

Check out the video yourself. The nonchalant driver appeared at the end of the video:

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7 thoughts on “Singapore’s most inconsiderate driver contender”

  1. reason number 101 why women should never drive.

    once while cycling on the road, i almost kena accident, because some idiot opened the door without looking back, and yes while illegally parking too

  2. another reason why women drivers are bad … nearly langgar me at pedestrian crossing. must be blind, it was daylight, clear view … i had right of ‘way’ wat.

    another one, saw woman driver went up the curb while parallel parking, haha.

  3. For 1 HR, the traffic police never come, but if our coupon expires in the carpark, the white ants will come within minutes….. and reward us with a $6-$30 bucks white bomb =)

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