Monsters vs Aliens (3-D)

Monsters vs Aliens
Monsters vs Aliens

I caught the 3-D version of the latest animation offering from Dreamworks, Monsters vs Aliens last friday at Cathay Cineleisure. I haven’t watch a light-hearted cartoon or animation in a long while, and it was refreshing watching Monsters vs Aliens, seeing all kind of weird monster and aliens characters come-to-life in 3-D.

This is the third time I have watched a movie in 3-D in Singapore. The first being a docu-drama on Egyptian Mummies which I watched at the Singapore Science Centre and the second being the animation,  Fly Me to the Moon which I watched at the Singapore Discovery Centre.

I still cannot get used to the 3-D glasses… maybe it’s because I wear spectacles. It’s rather uncomfortable to be wearing 3-D spectacles on top of my regular spectacles. Other than the duo weights straining on my ears; they also tire my eyes out very quickly after the novely of 3-D wears off.

However, I did observe that the  young children enjoyed it very much. It’s probably them that the cinema operators are targeting. 🙂

With regards to the movie, it was fun, light entertainment that’s suitable to watch after a long day at work – laugh and forget. It’s probably cool for families with kids too. As mentioned earlier, I am pretty sure the kids will dig the 3-D effects.

You can watch the movie trailer on it’s official website. There’s actually a lot of cool downloads and behind-the-scene stuff packed in the website. Animation fans may really want to go take a look.

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