I sold myself to HDB slavery today

Scale model of our future home
Scale model of our future home

Rachel and I committed to purchasing a new flat under HDB at Toa Payoh today.

Yes, we know the price is steep.
(but we cannot wait another ten years property cycle)

Yes, we know private property prices are low now.
(but we are not able to service a bank loan comfortably compared to HDB loan – the prices are still out of our league)

Yes, I know there’s always the resale option.
(but the flats around my parents’ house are all at least 20 years old and very rundown)

Yes, I know I can get a bigger flat with a bigger floor area at a cheaper price in a less central location.
(but I do not want to buy a car as I see it as a liability that depreciates exorbitantly each year)

Yes, I know the DBSS scheme is bullshit.
(but because of all the reasons listed above, HDB is forcing me into it)

Units sold after the first day (red sticker indicates sold units)
Units sold after the first day (red sticker indicates sold units)

The key thing is, we also know we are buying a home; not a house nor an investment.

The TOP will be in August 2012. We hope we made the right decision when we signed on the dotted line to sell ourselves to HDB slavery for the next few decades of our lives.

Btw, just a side note – isn’t it ironic that one of HDB’s mission statement is “We provide affordable homes of quality and value”. Please lah.

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5 thoughts on “I sold myself to HDB slavery today”

  1. I myself am fumbling over all these reasons when trying to weigh if it is indeed better to buy The Peak (is the estate named after the pricing?) as compared to our current estate. Much as I wanted a brand new flat, but I keep having this mental image that the private developers (or even HDB) are milking us. ><

  2. Dude, you know the answer…. YES! The developers and HDB are milking us. Sad, but true. Totally understand how you feel cos we are in the exact same situation – financial, timing and geography-wise!

  3. Bad choice. But women… I’d bet your woman wants the home more badly than rationality. Still, congrats on your new move. After all, home sweet home. LOL~

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