Siew Kum Hong not appointed as NMP for second term

Mr. Siew Kum Hong (picture via Straits
Mr. Siew Kum Hong (picture via Straits

My favourite NMP, Mr. Siew Kum Hong was not reappointed as a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) for the second term. 😦

Quoting Alex Au from YawningBread:

“Siew is outstanding as an NMP if you go by a simple measure of how often he participates in parliamentary debates. In the 26 months that he has been in the House, he spoke or asked questions on 134 occasions. The annexure What did NMPs speak on 2006 – 2008? lists the topics that he and other NMPs spoke on or asked questions about. What will strike you is that Siew ranged over different fields, while some other NMPs restricted themselves to extremely narrow topics. From a taxpayer’s perspective, Siew is value for money.

Chart from YawningBread
Chart from YawningBread


Anyway, here’s the list of new NMPs who will be sworn in on 20 July:

1. Mr Calvin Cheng Ern Lee
2. Mr Terry Lee Kok Hua
3. Mrs Mildred Tan-Sim Beng Mei
4. Assoc Prof Paulin Tay Straughan
5. Mr Teo Siong Seng
6. Mr Viswaroopan s/o Sadasivan
7. Mr Laurence Wee Yoke Thong
8. Ms Audrey Wong Wai Yen
9. Ms Joscelin Yeo Wei Ling

You can visit Mr. Siew’s blog to read more about his personal views on this.

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6 thoughts on “Siew Kum Hong not appointed as NMP for second term”

  1. Incredible that some NMPs spoke only 11-13 times. We pay them $1,700 a month. So in that 2.5 years it’s $3,400 a question? Were they sleeping the rest of the while?

    And one of the NMPs is affiliated with the Young PAP. Oh surprise surprise.

  2. isn’t calvin cheng dawn yang’s manager, the one who supposedly set up the ‘lady melissa’ blog? lol.

  3. having heard that Mr Calvin Cheng is some NMP… surprise surprise. with a certain kind of interest and character in life… he has! As a common folk, a citizen in Singapore, I think he shouldn’t be anywhere near. I do hope that our government would check up thoroughly on all NMP, esp Mr Calvin Cheng.

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