Sari Indo Authentic Indonesian Cuisine @ Upper Thomson

Rachel and I discovered this Indonesian restaurant by accident when we walk passed it a few months back and were immediately arrested by the sweet aroma of their rendang. We were headed for another restaurant then, but we made an effort to return to the area to try out Sari Indo within the next few days.

The nasi padang dishes are served “chap chai peng” style; orderly displaced with price tags beside each of the dishes, behind a glass panel.

Wide array of dishes
Wide array of dishes

Rachel and I were quite famished that day and picked out quite a few dishes to try. All were good, save for the brinjals which cold and rubbery. Maybe they would have tasted better if we ordered them fresh, earlier in the day.

As Rachel cannot take spicy food, she was pretty glad most of the curry and chili dishes were more sweet and flavourful rather than just strong on the hot factor. We particularly love their rendang.

Our dinner
Our dinner
Rachel is happy with her food
Rachel is happy with her food
Yummy beef rendang
Yummy beef rendang
Fried chicken with spices
Fried chicken with spices
Vegetable curry
Vegetable curry
Fried potato
Fried potato
I like this tea - the tea fragrance is extremely strong
I like this tea - the tea fragrance is extremely strong
Yucky cold brinjals (I told Rachel not to order it, but she insisted)
Yucky cold brinjals (I told Rachel not to order it, but she insisted)

If you are interested to try out the place, here’s the address:

215R Upper Thomson Road
Thomson Ridge Estate
Singapore 574349

Tel: +65 65544756

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6 thoughts on “Sari Indo Authentic Indonesian Cuisine @ Upper Thomson”

  1. Hi Alvin!
    I’m eD, from Indonesia. I’ve been a fan of your blog for quite some time now, but never give a single comment on your postings.
    You know, I always wait for your food review, it makes me “happy” to see you & Rachel eat A LOT of food, yes, a resto reviewer that actually eats. LOL. Just kidding.
    BTW, so you’ve tried some Indonesian cuisine huh? Nasi Padang. FYI, back here, you can find that kind of food, like everywhere.It’s easy to find, cheap, spicy & they always served it in a very big portion, that’s why lots of Indonesian people love Nasi Padang *yeah, me too*.
    Can’t wait for your another restaurant review. Yay!

    P.S. I don’t like brinjals (or we called it Terong), too icky. LOL.


  2. Hi eD! 🙂

    Thanks for the kind comments. Glad you like our food reviews. You know any good Indonesian restaurants in Singapore to recommend? Or any must-try dishes?

  3. Hi Alvin!
    You’re so welcome. Yay!
    Since I’ve never been to Singapore, I don’t think I can give you any recommendation.
    But, if I can make a suggestion, you (and Rachel off course) should try to find some Satay (chicken barbecue), Indonesian style, with the peanut sauce.
    or some Es Teler 77 (tradtional mixed ice with toppings). There’s one outlet in S’Pore.
    If you try some Sundanese, please be careful with the chilly, usually it was spicy.
    Ah, just google it, and you can find a lot of Indonesian restaurant in Singapore.
    Not helping enough heh? Sorry…. ;p

  4. Has the management of this restaurant changed hands? I am a nasi padang fan, always go to Garuda (Jakarta and Vivo City) and Sari Bunduh whenever I am on business trips to Jakarata.

    We have just left the restaurant a while ago, and we don’t see the food display as shown in photo #1 above, and the food is more peranakan rather than nasi padang. Price is reasonable, taste is average, but we suspect they use frozen meat (chicken rendang and asam fish). Quite a disappointment.

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