– Fundraising 2.0

Here’s a social media initiative that I find worth supporting –

Fundraising 2.0
Fundraising 2.0

The site targets both givers and charities, hoping to make the process of donating to charity easier and more transparent.

Getting poor students to stand in the hot sun with tin cans, soliciting for loose changes and extravagant charity shows starring kungfu monks  may be a thing of the past in this web generation.

The site is still in it’s beta stage, but I find it worthwhile to plug it as it’s for a worthy cause and also because Professor Albert Teo, a very pleasant and cheery guy from NUS whom I got to know during an undergraduate exchange program to China is one of the guys behind 🙂

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Word Challenge is Addictive

I am a sucker for word games.

I enjoy playing traditional board games like Scrabble and Boogle. While I resisted almost all game invites on Facebook (especially silly-sounding ones like Barn Buddies), I let Word Challenge slipped through as the game is word-related.

Thanks to Rachel, I found a new hobby to waste time by my macbook everynight before I sleep…

Time waster
Time waster

Word Challenge is a really simple game where you are to form words with more than three letters from a random line of six alphabets within a set timing.

I am stuck at at 20,000+ points mark. Totally aghast on how some of my Facebook friends can chalk up over  300,000 points – how is this humanly possible???

It is likely that those right at the top of the scoreboard had probably either used this Word Challenge Cheat or even more extreme – downloaded this Word Challenge Bot program:

These cheats really kill the joy of the game. I am resisting the urge to utilise one of these cheats.

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Daily Updates (except weekends and public holidays)

Dear loyal readers,

I been kept pretty busy lately and hence the decline in regularity of the daily updates on this blog. Good blog entries with lots of photos, videos and relevant hyperlinks take time to write and I am finding it difficult to keep pace.

After some consideration, I have decided to reduce the number of updates by only posting on weekdays, excluding public holidays. This arrangement will start from this weekend.

Thank you and do continue to support my blog. 🙂

Yours sincerely,

Alvin Lim

JBJ’s last interview with Far East Economic Review

Via Kenneth Jayaretnam, son of the late Joshua Benjamin Jayaretnam (JBJ). To Kenneth’s knowledge, this is the last interview that his father gave.

The interview was conducted by Far East Economic Review (FEER), but was not released. Somehow, it made it’s way to youtube.

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Minister for Foreign Affairs, George Yeo, helps kid with stolen laptop via facebook

The new media is changing the way we communicate with our leaders. Check out this facebook post on Minister for Foreign Affairs, George Yeo’s profile page:

Dear Minister, I need your help
Dear Minister, I need your help

A boy called Om Wen Jie left a comment on George’s facebook wall as follows:

Dear Minister, I am a student staying in Hougang Ave 10. On 31 Aug 09, due to negligence, my new laptop which is only used for a month was stolen from the windows near the common corridor. The 18-yr-old thief was caught on 9 Sep 09, but it was known …from the police that the thief has hidden the laptop some where after he stole it, and when he went back, the laptop was gone. This was obviously a lie. The police said “we can’t help you.” If the police can’t help us even if the thief is caught, who can help us? My mum also called another officer who came to our house for investigation on 31 Aug, and he said he “didn’t know the thief was caught.” Is there any way to recover my laptop or to get the thief to compensate me? The laptop costs near $2000 which is my father’s hard-earned money. It was my first laptop and is very significant to me especially for use in my studies. Thank you.

George actually made the effort to reply to the obviously distressed little boy.  That’s a really nice gesture. I am not sure what were the follow-up actions after the boy emailed him, but it’s heartening to see one of our ministers responding on an online social environment.

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Stranger in my own country

I haven’t been out shopping on a weekend for a long while as I do not like crowded and noisy places. On Sunday, over the Hari Raya weekend, Rachel and I decided to catch a movie at Marina Square and do some window shopping in the city hall area.

Once I stepped out of the MRT station, I feel like a tourist in a foreign land. Seriously.

The sights and sounds of the people around me – I would say only one out of ten is clearly discernible as a second generation or above, Singapore-born Singaporean (you have to be really clear and specific on the term “Singaporean” since it is so loosely used nowadays).

Singapore is a young nation state. It took the government more than 40 years to build up a sense of national identity among our multi-racial and multi-cultural citizenry. Yet in the past few years, the rapid influx of foreigners to spur economic growth has quickly eroded whatever national identity that was slowly evolving.

Uniquely Singapore? Beyond food and a series of economic-related world firsts, what else defines Singapore?

These days, I find it interesting that one actually feel a sense of homeliness when you encounter a service staff who is Singaporean – whether at posh shopping malls, your neighbour shops, uppity restaurants or hawker centres.

I am not xenophobic, but it is strange isn’t it? Aren’t we in Singapore in the first place?

Hence the first question I asked Rachel when I met her outside Raffles City: “What country am I in?”

WTH is “VR-10 Returns”?

Century old poster found at Potong Pasir MRT Station
Century old poster found at Potong Pasir MRT Station

WTH is this lame looking crap? This poster has been spotted at Potong Pasir MRT Station more than a year ago and it is still there today.

Who is this weird green creature who waves at me every time I pass by the MRT station? I have never even heard of “VR-10” in my entire life… why would I care if VR-10 “returns”?

What VR-10 adventure is the ad talking about? How can I “can’t get enough of VR-10” when it is so mysterious that 99.99 percent of Singaporeans do not know what the heck it is?

To unravel the mystery, I did a google search and visited the VR-10 website today.

Guess what?

I still don’t know what it is after go through the website!

The only thing I found out was that VR-10 is a project by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). How much money did they waste on this silly project and how was it going to benefit taxpayers’ commuting experience?

From the “About Me” page:

Hi, I am VR-10 and I dont know why I exist!
"Hi, I am VR-10 and I don't know why I exist!"


What is VR-10? Can someone enlighten me?

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