Romankan Yokohama @ Ngee Ann City

Mature cos-maids
Mature cos-maids

I ate at this Japanese restaurant the other day, together with Rachel and Melvin. Melvin will be flying to UK to study fashion tomorrow night. Rachel and I will miss his loud personality and laughter.

Back to Romankan Yokohama. Their specialty seems to be their Tonkatsu, similar to the delightful Ginza Bairin, newly opened and just a few steps away at Ion Orchard.

Maybe they have no other competitor then, that’s why the restaurant has been a permanent fixture for quite some time in the basement of Ngee Ann City. The katsu was tough and somehow, the food all tasted very dry, making us real thirsty. The curry was not particularly fantastic either. Price-wise, it’s the same bracket as Ginza Bairin. If it have a carving for tonkatsu next time when I am at Orchard, I will head for the latter.

Pork katsu don
Pork katsu don
Rachels version comes on a pan with an egg
Rachel's version comes on a pan with an egg
Melvin ordered the curry version
Melvin ordered the curry version
Melvin flaunting his wealth
Melvin flaunting his wealth

The service staff at this restaurant are dressed as Japanese cos-maids. A novelty indeed. However, the costume do not look good on aunties older than 30 years old. Someone should convey this to the management as it appears more of an eye sore than appeal.

Here’s the address of the restaurant in case you have a cos-maid fetish:

391 Orchard Road
#B2-04 Ngee Ann City
Tel: +65 6738 2505

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