Mr Teh Tarik Cartel @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

High class prata store
High class prata store

By adding a “cartel” to the name, this 24-hour prata store becomes more high class and is able to charge a premium price compared to the dime-a-dozen neighbourhood prata stores.

Then again, Mr Teh Tarik does serve a kick-ass teh tarik which I have grown fond of when I was working at Shenton Way last time. The  original outlet was at Far East Square and was always popular with the lunchtime crowd. They operate quite a few outlets now, including this one at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Rachel and I ordered an egg onion prata, a cold teh tarik and bandung. The bill came close to S$10, pretty steep for hawker fares, but then again, it’s a “cartel”.

Egg onion prata
Egg onion prata
Rachel and I with our respective energy drink
Rachel and I with our respective energy drink
Teh Tarik and Bandung
Teh Tarik and Bandung
Rachel reading her magazine while I munch on the prata
Rachel reading her magazine while I munch on the prata

Food was good. The prata was not crispy and not overcook. The teh tarik was smooth and the bandung, milky enough. We had a satisfying supper. 🙂

As the outlet is 24-hours, it’s a good supper place if you do not mind the slightly higher price than the usual rates at your local prata stores.

Here’s the address if you are interested:

302 Tiong Bahru Road
#01-12 Tiong Bahru Plaza

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One thought on “Mr Teh Tarik Cartel @ Tiong Bahru Plaza”

  1. I really like to taste all the delicious food there but unfortunately I have no chance!
    I always want to try their food but it is full house everytime I pass by there.
    I reach TB Plaza today around 9pm after work. I’m so excited to see that there are some seats at the shop.
    I take a seat & wait for a while but I didnt see any staffs there so I decided to walk into the shop. I asked one of the staff where to order food & I was told to go to the counter.
    I happily queue up & wait for my turn.
    After I order the food the staff told me that “having here sit outside & wait for ordering”. It is about 9.20pm & I’m very HUNGRY!!!
    I sit down again. Now I saw a staff taking order at a table next to me. I tried to be patience & wait…..
    The staff walk into the shop after taking the orders, He turn back and look at me before he step into the shop & it was about 20m away from me. He asked “You take ur order d?”
    I told him haven & he never even listen properly & walk into the shop.
    9.30pm & I was told to sit & wait & wait…..
    I not sure what will you think when you’re hungry & nobody bother to service & serve you. I only feel disappointed!
    I requested to see the manager there. But the staff just said sorry & you can take your order now. It really piss me off!!!!
    I always tot that services in Singapore is perfect as the government promoted their services excellent all the while. However I changed my mind today!
    This will be the 1st & last I visit this shop.

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