WTH is “VR-10 Returns”?

Century old poster found at Potong Pasir MRT Station
Century old poster found at Potong Pasir MRT Station

WTH is this lame looking crap? This poster has been spotted at Potong Pasir MRT Station more than a year ago and it is still there today.

Who is this weird green creature who waves at me every time I pass by the MRT station? I have never even heard of “VR-10” in my entire life… why would I care if VR-10 “returns”?

What VR-10 adventure is the ad talking about? How can I “can’t get enough of VR-10” when it is so mysterious that 99.99 percent of Singaporeans do not know what the heck it is?

To unravel the mystery, I did a google search and visited the VR-10 website today.

Guess what?

I still don’t know what it is after go through the website!

The only thing I found out was that VR-10 is a project by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). How much money did they waste on this silly project and how was it going to benefit taxpayers’ commuting experience?

From the “About Me” page:

Hi, I am VR-10 and I dont know why I exist!
"Hi, I am VR-10 and I don't know why I exist!"


What is VR-10? Can someone enlighten me?

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8 thoughts on “WTH is “VR-10 Returns”?”

  1. There’s another SMRT campaign that wastes money. The dumb TV show I never ever get to watch cos the screen is so damn far away. And honestly, I couldn’t care less. I just wanna know what time the train is coming. If SMRT has that much money to spare, please buy a few more trains or upgrade the track system sooner so we can have trains every minute k thx bye.

  2. agreed!! i really wanna know who’re the ppl behind these lame cartoons, so i can send them back to the design and animation school and get them to do REAL stuff.. and another thing about those TV screens, they’re uselss and noisy at the same time, which is just annoying when i’m waiting for the train while trying to commute to my destination in peace.

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