NTUC going into Wet Market Business – What’s next?

When I first read a news report on how Sheng Siong Supermarket is infiltrating into the wet market business by buying five wet markets and kicking out all the small stallholders, I felt sad for the little folks, but reckon this is the well-oiled wheels of capitalism at work.

However, when I read in a follow-up news report that NTUC Fairprice appears to be doing the same; that draws a different thought in my mind altogether.

What does NTUC stands for? National Trade Union Congress isn’t it?

It’s bad enough they went into the supermarket business and practically killed off all other small provision shop operators till Sheng Siong came along. It’s bad enough that they are also selling insurances, operating chalets, owns clubs, build condomiums, etc.

Now they are even attacking the wet markets?

Please lei… leave some breathing space for homegrown small businesses. With the national trade union spreading its tentacles into every business in Singapore, one wonders why there is a dearth of entrepreneurs in Singapore.


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