Marutama Ra-Men (The Central @ Clarke Quay)

Flavourful soup-base, tangy noodle texture, reasonably priced, what more can one ask from a ramen restaurant? 🙂 Although their ramen still do not taste as good as the ones we had in Japan, Marutama Ra-Men, located at The Central @ Clark Quay, is among the best tasting ramen Rachel and I had sampled so far in Singapore.

We had tried their Aka Ramen, seasoned with seven different kinds of nuts in our previous visit. This time round, I ordered a basic Char Siew Ramen while Rachel ordered the vegetable version.We also ordered their gyoza as sides.

Char siew ramen
Char siew ramen
Vegetable ramen
Vegetable ramen
Basketball ramen
Basketball ramen

The meal costs us about S$30 for two person. As mentioned, the food is great, service is typical of most Singaporean restaurants – nonchalant. Here’s the restaurant’s address if you are interested to visit (the logo of the restaurant looks like a basketball, it’s pretty easy to spot):

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-90/91 The Central @ Clarke Quay

Tel: +65 6534 8090

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4 thoughts on “Marutama Ra-Men (The Central @ Clarke Quay)”

  1. try Miharu at Gallery Hotel and maybe you can make a comparison in terms of taste and pricing.

    Marutama’s standard drops quite a bit ever since ‘the dad’ went back to Japan.

  2. 我到过那里一次!好吃!


  3. 是,他们都会讲日语。

    其实我觉得这家拉面没有Liang Court 的Tampopo那么好吃。我还是比较喜欢用猪骨熬制的汤头。

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