Project R: A success!

Thank you everyone! 🙂

A quick update. Rachel said yes to the Project R proposal yesterday night at Relish restaurant. 🙂

Rachel and I would like to thank everyone who made this union possible. I would particularly like to thank Mark, Meiyen, Wei Chian, Rachel’s parents and my parents, Han Joo and the rest of the team, Josh from, Uzyn from Ping.SG, Lai Chow from Youth.SG, all the bloggers and friends who helped viral my proposal message yesterday.


Here are some screen grabs I managed to capture of the buzz yesterday. I did not manage get screen grabs of the banner run on Youth.SG, Ping.SG and If you have them, please email them to me. If I missed your blog entries, can also drop me an email or just post a comment below. home page home page
Banner tiles across
Twitter - #alvinandrachel
Me, spreading the proposal on facebook
Me, spreading the proposal on facebook
Facebook well-wishes
Facebook well-wishes
Holly Jean's blog
Boon Ming's blog
Darren Ang's blog
Chim Kang's blog
Daniel Hii's blog
Daniel Hii's blog
Yong Wei's blog
Grace's blog

FYI, the story was picked up by Shin Min Daily and Lianhe Wanbao for tonight’s paper (27 Oct) – can grab a copy of each to read more. Rachel and I will also be accepting a radio interview on Radio 100.3 later in the evening at 6pm. Do tune in. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Project R: A success!”

  1. Haven’t been here for long time. Now here just to send a congrats.
    Just wondering, since you guys already getting a flat, what is the chance of your failure for Project R??? LOL~

    All the best to your marriage, and welcome to a new stage of life.


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