Project R in the media

Project R was reported in the two evening Chinese newspaper, Shin Min Daily and Lianhe Wanbao yesterday (27 Oct). You can read the article HERE via There’s also a vodcast covering the proposal process and photo gallery in the article. 🙂

Shin Min news report on 27 Oct 2009
Shin Min news report on 27 Oct 2009
Wanbao cover page - 27 Oct 2009
Wanbao cover page - 27 Oct 2009
Wanbao inside article

Rachel and I also went on air at Radio 100.3 last evening at 7pm with radio deejays, Anna and Ken. Here’s the interview if you missed it (I edited away the songs and commercials):

Rachel and I have both been receiving well-wishes aplenty since yesterday and we are both thankful and appreciative that so many people care for us.

I know this proposal is not perfect and some have voiced concern that it’s a tad gimmicky and I seem to be using “gatecrashing” tactics on Rachel. To clarify, I spent three months planning the execution of the proposal so that everything would go smoothly. Would a person playing hard to get put in so much effort?

I wanted Rachel to have an enjoyable time solving the clues instead of feeling like she is being “sabo-ed”. For instance – I knew Rachel had classes that day, and had planned the clues such that she can solve them quickly during the lunch break and continue after her lesson ends at 5pm. Transport arrangements were also made for her so she did not have to run around tired and sweaty. The collaborators who helped me also knew about this and were helping to manage the timing.

Both Rachel and I are not fans of cheesy gate-crashing and ragging where the groom is made to do silly, meaningless things like putting underwear on his head or drinking questionable fluids, in the name of fun. That’s why I paired a resolution and a gift with each clue. The last thing I want is to humiliate and shame the love of my life on the day of proposal day.

Having said that, as both Rachel and I are work for a media company, we understand the workings of the mass media and communication. Hence, we are taking both positive and negative comments (and headlines) in our stride. Our mood hasn’t been affected at all and we are just glad to have each other. The only reason why I am blogging about this is because some of our good friends expressed concern. 🙂

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