Melvin leaves for London to follow his dream

This post should have be up a month ago.

Melvin Ryan Tan is one of the few common close friends that Rachel and I share. He left for London to pursue his dream in fashion at the London College of Fashion on 13 September. Always loud and cheerful, we missed his presence.

Rachel and I went to the airport to send him off on the day he left Singapore. We were surprised to see a whole entourage of Melvin’s fans and relatives there, macham like celebrity.

When we arrived at the airport, being the usual diva, Melvin was still busy trying to rearrange his luggage as he had brought too much stuff. It was quite a sight. 🙂

Anyway, here are the photos taken on that day:

The diva ordering people to repack his luggage
Melvin's signature cheesy pose
Rachel, Hock Chuan, Melvin and me
Rachel and Melvin
Farewell hug
More hugs
Hugging his best friend, Eunice
Cry baby
Bye bye Melvin Ryan Tan!

All the best to our dear friend Melvin for his fashion career. May he return triumphant to Singapore as the next Ashley Isham.

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5 thoughts on “Melvin leaves for London to follow his dream”

  1. he want to be A. Isham meh? and i think in the first picture, he’s ordering people to look for his disco stick.

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