Name Wee Fxxk TNB

Controversial Malaysian singer/songwriter, Name Wee/ Wee Chee Meng, is at it again. This time, his target is Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Malaysia’s national power supply company.

After allegedly experiencing the third blackout in his home since his return to Muar, Name Wee decide to visit TNB personally and give them a piece of his mind:

Sibei brave xia. Is this how it is to get things done in Malaysia?

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2 thoughts on “Name Wee Fxxk TNB”

  1. Dude, perhaps he has been in Taiwan for quite some time to forget the Malaysian culture. It is common to have blackouts everywhere in Malaysia. Sometimes easily 5 hours long at night. 3 times a year is peanuts by Malaysian standards.

    Well, this video could show the world this very shameful thing about Malaysia so at least they can lower down the frequency of blackouts per year to the minimal (if they cared). It may indirectly get things done. There is no point calling or complaining about them. There is no accountability in Malaysia. Nobody needs to take responsibility or to be sacked for anything related to the government. They are the Lord of Malaysia.

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