A Visit to the Koka Factory

One of the many mini cups of instant noodle I ate

I got to visit the Koka factory a  few months back with a group of omy.sg bloggers. Here are some photos taken on that day. You can also read the other bloggers’ posts on the excursion HERE.

Bloggers tasting the various flavours
Bloggers writing down their feedback on the noodles
Putting on our hair net before we step into the factory
Inside the factory
Guided tour
Checking out the machinery

I think I must have sampled over 20 little cups of instant noodles of all brands and all flavours. Particularly worth mentioning were a few flavours which Koka have yet to launch in the local market.

Instant noodle taste tasting
More noodles!

There’s a lot that goes on in the production process for a simple item like a packet of instant noodle which we take for granted. From the R&D to the taste test to the production to the marketing of the product – all requires much unseen efforts.

The staff at Tat Hui Foods gave us valuable insights into their business operations and I sincerely appreciate it. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Visit to the Koka Factory”

  1. Hi I’ve been trying to contact the koka noodle industry do you have their contact or email please. Many thanks

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