Beyond’s 海阔天空 Concert @ Lunar

Concert poster

I grew up listening to these dudes. How can I miss their concert when I hear that two of the disbanded Beyond members, Paul Wong (黄贯中) and Yip Sai Wing (叶世荣) are getting together for a concert at Lunar?

Back in my teens, I will buy all their albums and go for their autograph sessions whenever they come to Singapore. I won’t call myself a junkie as I don’t scream and go gaga when I see them, but I do appreciate their brand of rock music.

The concert opens with a few numbers from Sai Wing’s solo albums. Sai Wing is better known as a drummer than a singer and it was rather weird seeing him with a mic.

Sai Wing opens the concert
Sai Wing on guitar?
Balloon clappers

Paul then took the stage with his guitar and belted a few numbers from his solo albums. This guy is rock steady and still looks as stylo-milo as he was a decade ago.

Paul looking smart in a black jacket
Rousing the crowd
Getting high
Lunar was packed

Then came the moment the crowd were all waiting for – the two members of Beyond got together to belt out some of Beyond’s greatest hits. The crowd went totally wild. Here’s two videos which I recorded to share. Enjoy:

Performing one their classics – 真的爱你:

Another Beyond’s classics – 海阔天空:

Photos of Paul and Sai Wing performing together as Beyond:

Sharing the stage
Guitar hero
Egging the crowd to sing-a-long
Egging the crowd to sing-a-long
Dig the expression
Confetti at the end
Bye bye Beyond!

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