Poly or JC?

Poly or JC?
Poly or JC?

I usually do not click on Google text ads, but this particular website caught my attention – http://polyorjc.sg/

I was thinking – finally, the folks at our Ministry of Education (MOE) has noticed the lack of higher education guidance at the secondary school level (it was so during my era, not sure if there’s improvement now) and has decided to do something about it.

Alas, the website is not produced by MOE, but rather, the very innovative Singapore Polytechnic (SP), probably as part of their recruitment campaign.

Try googling phrases like “Poly or JC” or “Poly vs JC”. You will find that SP has done their research and cleverly bought into paid search listing as well as done the right SEO to prop up the natural listing for their campaign website.

The website itself is nifty too – utilising social network tools like twitter, facebook and blogs to reach out to the youths.

I like this marketing campaign. Well done SP. If I am a secondary school student now, I will definitely go check out SP’s open house. 🙂

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