Walt Disney’s A Christmas Carol 3D Premiere

movie poster
movie poster

I attended the 3D movie premiere for Walt Disney’s A Christmas Carol on Monday (9 Nov) with Rachel and a group of omy.sg bloggers. You can read the reviews written by the other bloggers who attended the premiere HERE. A Christmas Carol opens in Singapore cinema on 19 Nov and is available in 3D.

Door gifts
Door gifts

The movie is based on the classic Charles Dickens’ tale and is re-envisioned by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis, starring JIM CARREY, GARY OLDMAN, BOB HOSKINS and ROBIN WRIGHT PENN.

Here’s the trailer:

I am familiar with the Dickens’ story, having read the book when I was a boy. Hence the movie was a little draggy for me because I know the ending.

Nonetheless, the 3D effects were awesome. I particularly like the scenes where Scrooge (Jim Carrey) was zipping through the snowy landscape and across old England. It’s almost as good as riding on a roller coaster for the tame-hearted.

The story pack no surprises, but the 3D effects for this movie is definitely the best among the 3D movies I have watched this year. 🙂

BTW, if you are interested in winning some of the movie premiums, you can check out their custom-made Facebook App.

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