Softie in My Lolly @ VivoCity

Rachel and I chanced upon this candy kiosk at VivoCity, located just outside the entrance of the Golden Village cinema on level 2. We were attracted by the colourful candies and decided to order one to try.

The kiosk at VivoCity
The kiosk at VivoCity

Softie in My Lolly peddles licorice candy with fondant filling inside. They have a wide assortment of flavours. Rachel and I opted for the Sour Cola flavour:

Sour Cola
Sour Cola

The candy comes in a long form and the sales assistant will offer to cut it up for you if you find it too messy to eat.

It’s pretty delicious, but the price is not cheap though – at around S$3.50 a piece. After visiting their website, I found out that you can order their candies online too, but collection is at the same VivoCity kiosk.

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