GioGio Sausages @ Raffles City

The chef, Gio Gio
The chef, GioGio

Rachel and I ordered a burger from this GioGio Sausages food kiosk at Raffles City, attracted by the kungfu cartoon chef above.

GioGio food kiosk
GioGio food kiosk

We were surprised they proudly displayed their frozen products for sale, considering that Singaporeans are suckers for freshness when it comes to their food.

Frozen display
Frozen display

We ordered a burger meal for just S$4.50 to give it a try. It comes with a burger and a cup of juice. Not expecting much, we were pleasantly surprise that the burger actually tasted rather good.

There’s an Asian zing to the sauce and the patty seasoning. The burger doesn’t look very good, presentation wise, but that’s deceptive. We also appreciate that there’s a good dose of greens in the burger. The food is also halal, btw.

Look can be deceptive
Look can be deceptive

I did not try their signature sausages though. Will definitely grab something from the kiosk again when I pass by next time.

Here’s their address:

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road #B1-35
Singapore 179103

Tel: 6863-1169

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