Prank Call on NS Enlistee

Andre Hoeden from Radio 91.3 as Sgt Rajah, tormenting a NS enlistee. Really funny! (Although I do feel sorry for poor Recruit Wong Chi Lun)

I think the boy really got down on the floor to do push-ups and count into the phone receiver at his workplace.

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2 thoughts on “Prank Call on NS Enlistee”

  1. A good one! damn funny reminds me of the good old days. But I will not want to go thru it again ha.. haaa… Me still got 4 more ICT and 4 more RT to go SIAN!

  2. I was just reading about a new law congress passed. It seems that if you make a prank call you can get up to two years in prison. I think it is just for serious scams though, like bomb scares and things like that.

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