Rat in my room!

My home sweet home is experiencing a rat infestation recently. It could be because of the other barren units, left to rot and decay by our neighbours as they moved out one after another.

The apartment where I have been living for over two decades will be torn down in a few weeks time, after a successful en-bloc sale. My family, having secured our new residence relatively late, will be one of the last to move out. Thus having to bear with all the residue crap.

At first, the rat problem didn’t bother me that much as they mostly attacked the kitchen and were not visible.

However, after my mom started hiding all food items in the kitchen cupboards, it become harder for the rats to grow fat. Hence they started to target my room (and probably my parents’ and my sister’s rooms too).

I left a fresh box of muesli bars on my bed this morning. When I got back just now at around 2am, I noticed the box was ripped open by small teeth marks. The plastic wrapper on one of the bars was also ripped open and part of the bar eaten. Gross.

Next, I saw a small, dark creature dashing from under my bed to under my computer table. The rat than ran all over in open view, instead of staying hidden. At some point, I seriously think it was staring at me defiantly with an evil grin on it’s little face.

As I wanted to get to sleep, I tried to simply ignore the rat, hoping perhaps it will be gone by the next morning when I wake up. It thought so otherwise. While I was about to shut down my laptop, it had the audacity to dash right in front of me on my bed, across my laptop screen!!!!!!!

Now I can’t sleep… am trying to trap the rat with a pathetic food basket. Wish me luck.

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