Monica Holloway’s Cowboy and Wills

Book cover
Book cover

The publicist for the above book, Cowboy and Wills, written by Monica Holloway contacted me back in November last year and send me two copies of the books for reviewing. As I was quite occupied the past few months, I did not get the chance to go through the book till a few weeks ago.

In summary, the book is about an autistic boy (Wills)’s extraordinary relationship with his pet dog (Cowboy). The book is written by the boy’s mother and you can feel her love for her son, browsing through the pages as she document the bitter sweet experience of bringing up a special boy with special needs.

Getting a pet dog for Wills changed him for the better as Cowboy helped to overcome the boy’s fear of crowded places among others.

An autographed copy
An autographed copy
Rachel and I reading the same book together
Rachel and I reading the same book together

It’s the kind of motivational book that will inspire and cheer you up when you are going through a rough patch in life. Not exactly my favourite genre, but still accessible.

Since I have two copies of the book, I am running a small contest on this blog to give away a copy. If you are interested, email me your name, contact number and the answer to the question below to before 25 Mar 2010:

What is Cowboy’s full name? HINT

I will select the winner via a random draw and notify the person via email.

You can watch the book trailer below:

In addition, you can also read the book excerpt, check out the official facebook page or visit the official website for more information. If you are interested in buying the book, there are links to major online book stores with stocks of Cowboy and Wills on the official website. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Monica Holloway’s Cowboy and Wills”

  1. Cowboy Carol Lawrence is Cowboy’s full name 🙂 Just finished the book and LOVED it…have an autistic grandson that unfortunately isn’t as verbal as Wils was…but loved the story Monica told

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