Cai Mingjie’s Diary of a Taxi Driver

Dr Cai Minjie's first book
Dr Cai Minjie's first book

Aktive Learning, the publisher for Dr Cai Mingjie‘s first book, Diary of a Taxi Driver, kindly sent me an autographed copy of the book for review a few weeks back.

You can buy the book from the Aktive Learning website at S$19.90 with free delivery via Singpost for Singapore-based customers. 🙂

The book is now available at the following bookstores too: Popular, Harris, Kinokuniya, MPH, Times, Borders, Books Actually and the Changi Airport bookstore.

Dr Cai's autograph
Dr Cai's autograph

I have read all the blog entries on Dr Cai’s public blog previously and was hoping to see if there will be any additional material in the book that cannot be found on the blog.

In general, there’s not much difference sans for some copy-editing and 5 new entries that were not published on the blog (according to the publisher). There were also some additional pages on Dr Cai’s research when he was still a scientist at A*STAR, some background material about Dr Cai and Singapore.

Nonetheless, Dr Cai’s stories are still a delight to read and it felt different to read it in paper form as opposed to reading them on screen.

If you do not know who Dr Cai is, he is the world’s most educated taxi driver with a PhD from Stanford University. Formerly a research scientist at A*STAR, Dr Cai could not another job in Singapore after he was retrenched and ended up as a taxi driver. Uniquely Singapore experience indeed.

You can read Dr Cai’s blog to find out more about him and get a preview of his writing.

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