“Fatty Superstar”, Lin Yu-Chun (林育群)

Lin Yu-Chun (林育群), Picture via CNA News, Taiwan
Lin Yu-Chun (林育群), Picture via CNA News, Taiwan

不要以貌取人 – that’s what I was thinking when watching the video clip below of Lin Yu-Chun (林育群), a fat, geeky teenage boy performing on Taiwan’s 級星光大道6 talent search program.

This fatty is a superstar! Seriously.

You know how the American Idol format programs like to make fun of fat or girlish men singing in female voices?

Lin Yu-Chun is delivering sweet vengeance for all the idol rejects who fall into this particular category of contestants. In your face, Simon Cowell and Ken Lim. 🙂

Here’s Lin Yu-Chun singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You:

Singing Amazing Grace:

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