Steven Lim is not a loser okay!

Rich playboy, Steven Lim
Rich playboy, Steven Lim


I know a lot of people snigger at Steven Dragon Lim behind his back for his weird antics – nonsensical cam-whoring web videos, the eyebrow plucking, yellow undies, funny models web listing, etc

But hor… mai xiao xiao.

Xiaxue is not the only web personnel who can boast a S$10k pay cheque. Our good friend Steven Lim just uploaded his income tax statement for 2009 onto his website. A whooping S$95,677!

To top it up, he also uploaded an audio recording of his phone conversation with a 20-year-old girl who allegedly tried to wooed him “fiercely”.

I just have this to say – Steven Lim, you really very steady bombibi. 🙂

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