I am back!

Lots of updates coming up! Here’s a preview of blog entries to come:

1. The remaining 12 days of my long ago India trip…

2. The remaining 2 days of my Shanghai Expo trip with Coca-Cola

3. My 9 days honeymoon in Sydney

4. My 3 days Ipoh wedding trip

5. My traditional wedding ceremony on 12 June

6. and a lot of other back log blog entries which I really need to clear…

Stay tuned! Alvinology is back! 🙂

Wedding Break from Blogging

Wedding is just round the corner...
Wedding is just round the corner...

After many months of planning, an eventful engagement party, a novel solemnisation ceremony on a plane coupled with a trip to Shantou, Rachel and I will be having our traditional Chinese wedding banquet this coming Saturday (12 June).

We will then be flying off for our honeymoon in Sydney right the next day on 13 June and won’t be back till 22 June.

That’s not the end yet. We still have another small banquet at Ipoh, Malaysia for Rachel’s relatives on 26 June before everything is officially over.

In view of the above schedules, I will be taking a break from blogging from now till end of June when  Rachel and I have returned from Ipoh.

Thank you for supporting Alvinology all this while. 🙂 I will be back soon. This blog is just temporarily dormant. 🙂

MRT Train vandalised by Swiss National – Is this another publicity stunt by SingPost?

Made in Switzerland.
Made in Switzerland.

Remember the recent SingPost PR disaster whereby they engaged a few kids to go around vandalising their own post boxes? The public were alarmed by the horrific random spray painting masqueraded as graffiti art. The police were alerted, wasting much public resources, resulting in a publicity backlash for SingPost.

A MRT train was reported to have been vandalised by a swiss national today. Here’s a video recording of the the vandalised train:

Via Straits Times.com:

AN MRT train parked in a depot was hit with garish graffiti in what amounted to a serious security breach in a restricted area here.

The vandal apparently sneaked into the sprawling depot at Changi, despite an array of barriers, including fences topped with barbed wire.

Once inside, he spray-painted elaborate graffiti on one side of a train, across one carriage. The Straits Times understands that the vandal, a 33-year-old Swiss national, cut through the fence of the depot along Xilin Avenue, in what is believed to be the first such case of vandalism here.

A middle-aged Swiss national cutting into a restricted area to beautify a train with graffiti art? This is a first in Singapore… no, wait, there was the infamous Michael Fay before this dude.

If you check out the video, the graffiti actually looks pretty decent, at least a thousand times better than the crap that SingPost PAID kids to spray on their post boxes. Could this be the Part 2 of their lame attempt at a creative campaign?

Or is this swiss national just another retard like the recent 7 Kallang Sarawakian Monsters who do not know how harsh the Singapore laws are?

Michael Fay got his ass fried. This dude is likely to get the same unless he has some amazing mitigating factors or the President of Switzerland writes in to plead for him (which may not work cos Bill Clinton could not save Michael Fay either).

I have a stereotypical image of a “swiss national” as a rich banker in suit. fixated in my head. Hence I cannot fathom someone like this bending down in his Armani suit with a rusty can of paint, painstakingly spray painting on a MRT train. It has got to be a publicity stunt…. SingPost, is it you again? Please own up. 🙂

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The 7 Kallang Sarawakian Monsters

Singapore has always pride itself as a safe country where residents can roam free at night, even past midnight. Crime rates are low and even if there are robberies, they are more of the snatch and run variety whereby victims are seldom seriously injured.

Seven men changed this recently.

Seven foreign workers from Sarawak attacked four victims viciously on Sunday to rob them of a grand total of S$400 and three cellphones. The cowards slashed and hacked all their victims, leaving one dead, two seriously wounded in ICU and one with four fingers hacked off.

The victims were chosen at random and have no relation with each other.

I am trying to find the photos of all these scumbags. So far, I managed to dig out three as below:

Three of the 7 Kallang Sarawakian Monsters
Three of the 7 Kallang Sarawakian Monsters

Six of these monsters have been caught. One is still at large:

MICHEAL GARING, 22. Status: Facing murder charge.
SHAHMAN MILAK, 21. Status: Facing gang robbery charge.
SYLVESTER BAROGOK, 25. Status: Facing gang robbery charge.
HAIREE LANDAK, 19. Status: Arrested.
PETER USIT MUSA, 22. Status: Arrested.
TONY IMBA, 31. Status: Arrested.
DONNY MELUDA, 19. Status: At large.

I hope the police will get to him soon. Killing and severely wounding four strangers for just S$400 and three cellphones? What were these seven heroes thinking? Divide S$400 by 7 and each monster will only get less than S$55 each…

Not only are these monsters incredibly cruel, they are incredibly dense too. There are many other ways to commit crime with lesser punishment and without having to harm others (not that I condone crime, I am just citing what logical thinking criminals would do). What were they thinking? That it’s brave and warrior-like to gang ambush lone victims from behind with weapons?

In another report, I read that two of the monsters apparently managed to leave Singapore to Malaysia after committing the crime, but were so smart that they decided to cross back again and get arrested…

I rest my case on their intelligence. I hope these seven stone-age barbarians will be dealt with duly by the Singapore law soon.

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Ever heard of “Failbook”?


You have heard of Facebook, but have you heard of Failbook?

I have been quite burnt out recently, attempting to balance work, my marriage preparation and other commitment at the same time.

These few days, I been checking this website called Failbook intermittently to catch a chuckle or two for a breather. It’s quite amusing to see some of the downright odd stuff that people post on Facebook.

Although Facebook is a closed network, it still resides in cyberspace and hence opportunities for privacy violations are aplenty. As long as there are friends in your network  who can take screen grabs or copy and save the messages or photos you post, your privacy is compromised. A lot of people do not seem to realise this. Please do, else you just might find one of your Freudian slip postings appearing on Failbook one day. 🙂

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