Ever heard of “Failbook”?


You have heard of Facebook, but have you heard of Failbook?

I have been quite burnt out recently, attempting to balance work, my marriage preparation and other commitment at the same time.

These few days, I been checking this website called Failbook intermittently to catch a chuckle or two for a breather. It’s quite amusing to see some of the downright odd stuff that people post on Facebook.

Although Facebook is a closed network, it still resides in cyberspace and hence opportunities for privacy violations are aplenty. As long as there are friends in your network  who can take screen grabs or copy and save the messages or photos you post, your privacy is compromised. A lot of people do not seem to realise this. Please do, else you just might find one of your Freudian slip postings appearing on Failbook one day. 🙂

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