Downtown East Murder: 4 arrested, 6 still on the run

An update on the senseless Downtown East murder that happened last Saturday (via Straits

THREE young men were charged in a district court on Wednesday with the Downtown East murder of a second-year Republic Polytechnic student last Saturday.

Ho Wui Ming, 20, Tang Jia Min, 21, and Chen Wei Zhen, 19, are accused of murdering Darren Ng Wei Jie, 19, at the main foyer of Downtown East at Pasir Ris Close between 5.30pm and 5.57pm.

Chen Wei Zhen
Chen Wei Zhen
Ho Wui Ming
Ho Wui Ming
Tang Jia Min
Tang Jia Min

They allegedly committed the offence with Edward Tay Wei Loong, 18, and several others while being part of an unlawful assembly.

Tay, who will be charged in hospital, had put up a struggle while trying to get away from the police and injured his head.

The prosecution asked for the trio to be remanded for further investigation. Ho, Tang and Chen will be back in court next Wednesday.

If convicted of murder, each of them faces the mandatory death penalty. Darren will be cremated on Wednesday afternoon.

The pictures with speech balloons of the three teens charged with murder, Ho Wui Ming, 20, Tang Jia Min, 21, and Chen Wei Zhen, 19, are taken from EDMW.

Ho Wui Ming, apparently has a blog. He was already in trouble with the law prior to this incident. He also has a Facebook account.

Nowadays, gangsters are tech-savvy. They write blogs and have accounts on social networking sites like Facebook. I was amazed at how much one can dig out about these gangsters just by staying at home and being a “keyboard warrior”.

Six of the Downtown East attackers are still on the run. News reports mentioned heavily tattooed teens among the attackers. The three arrested teens spot no visible tattoos. I wonder if the attackers are among these photos of Wui Ming’s “brothers” that he posted on his blog – quite a few of them are heavily tattooed.

Anyway, I will end this blog post with a remembrance video which Darren’s friend, Jon L, had done for him:

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