Texas Chicken @ Singapore Expo

Texas Chicken is back in Singapore, after disappearing from the local fast food scene for over two decades.

I still remember their cheesy 80s TV commercials featuring a Texas cowboy riding on a horse, swinging a rope while commenting on the great taste of their fried chicken. Believe it or not, I was impressed then and swore loyalty to their fried chicken over KFC, being someone who like to root for the underdog.

I have eaten at their Expo outlet (Address: 1 Expo Drive #01-42 Singapore Expo;Tel: +65 6789 4174) thrice over the last few months. Their fried chicken comes in two flavours – original and spicy. I do not remember spicy fried chicken in their menu last time. They must have taken notice of Singaporeans’ penchant for spicy food and localised their menu this time round.

Our order during my first visit to Texas Chicken at Expo with my family
Our order during my first visit to Texas Chicken at Expo with my family
Inside the restaurant
Inside the restaurant

Side dishes are the usual mash potatoes and fries. They also serve “biscuits” like Popeye’s Chicken, which should more adeptly be described as muffins in this part of the world.

Fried chicken, "biscuit" and mashed potato
Fried chicken, "biscuit" and mashed potato

Their prices are similar to Popeye’s, which means it is steeper than KFC. However, this is compensated for by their significantly larger chicken parts.

Quality and menu wise, I find it really similar to Popeye’s Chicken, which makes me wonder if the two fried chicken chains share the same Singapore franchisee.

For those who have tried both Texas Chicken and Popeye’s Chicken – which do you prefer?

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3 thoughts on “Texas Chicken @ Singapore Expo”

  1. the texas chicken @expo didn’t taste as nice as i rem as a kid leh 😦

    and somehow i find the popeye ones better… stronger taste (maybe more MSG though)… and i prefer popeye’s biscuits 🙂

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