Jonal Chong: “I’ve never done Nicole Kidman’s hair before”

Joker Chong Exposed
Jonal Joker Chong Exposed

And neither did he styled for other Hollywood stars like Hugh Grant and Katherine Heigl.

In fact, Jonal Chong even admitted he has never touched Nicole Kidman’s golden tresses before in the latest news report.

I knew it!

This guy should rename himself as Joker Chong for goodness sake. How long did he think he can get away with incredulous lies like these?

The official website for Jonal Chong Hair Couture is now down and all the celebrity images removed.

However, there are still video interviews and other older news report where you can read Jonal Chong’s lies on working with famous celebrities.

Here’s the latest news updates on the Jonal Chong scandal: 与好莱坞女星合照? 承认造假美发师道歉

AsiaOne: ‘I’ve never done Nicole Kidman’s hair before’

Straits Was he really Nicole Kidman’s hair stylist? Case to look into Kidman claim Singapore hairstylist in Nicole Kidman photo puzzle

All these stemmed from a single dubious image of Jonal Chong with Nicole Kidman. Remember the tagline of this blog? Yes, you saw it here first.

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