Casey Heynes (aka Zangief Kid/ Casey The Punisher) FTW

Are you or were you a victim of school bullies?

If so, this viral video of 16-year-old Australian school boy, Casey Heynes who struck back against his bully will be an inspiring one.

Casey the Hero (picture via
Casey the Hero (picture via

In summary, here’s what the video was about, via a Casey Haynes tribute website:

The kids recording the incident were looking to humiliate what they thought would be an easy target. They thought, “We’ve done this for years. Why haven’t we made his humiliation reach a wider audience?” “Imagine how awesome our friends will think we are.” “This will be great! He won’t fight back, we are clearly his betters.”

But the gods were listening.

So they approached him, surrounded him. Thought to contain him. Their first mistake.

So it began in earnest. Taunting came first, it always does. What was it this time? “Ginger”? “Fatty”? Whatever it was, we know it now as “Their Second Mistake.”

The gods were listening.

Zangief Kid Casey HeynesDubbed as the Zangief Kid or Casey the Punisher by worldwide Internet fans, Casey has become a reluctant hero and a beacon of light for bully victims, spawning gazillion memes.

I had been the subject of bullies for a brief period when I was in primary school and I know horrible it felt to get jumped upon, taunted and humiliated everyday for no good reason.

I know it’s not right to condone violence, but kudos to Casey for standing up for himself.

Bullies be warned.

You never know when the fat kid that you been ragging for ages will explode and pull a Casey Heynes’ Zangief move on you.

Ending off with a news report on the incident on Australia’s ABC News:

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3 thoughts on “Casey Heynes (aka Zangief Kid/ Casey The Punisher) FTW”

  1. yep – I reckon the little shit go all he deserved…. lesson to be learnt – if you give someone a hard time expect him to retalliate. I hope the little boy’s parents are ashamed of him – and there was a girl in the background when he was throwong the first punches who just stood there watching – they could easily have grabbed the small boy and stopped him.

  2. I’m so glad that he fought back. Were can I find him and like him on facebook? I heard that he has 98,000 likes on the news o.o

  3. The whole Casey Heynes-Richard Gale incident has not only taken the world by storm but also opened the eyes of many about the issue of bullying. At the same time, it highlights the hell poor Casey had to endure for too long (and it’s about time he gets the help he truly needs to put an end to bullying). Too bad that the skinny little stick insect who picked on him, has to learn it the hard way that bullying people is never ever worth it. Now is the time for every school and Ministry of Education around the world to stop turning a blind eye and take bullying seriously. Last but not least, I wish Casey and his family well and I hope things will get better for them.

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