ZEYnHEXinRL (Miranda) on Becoming Xiaxue and Other Funny Videos

I came across this young Singaporean, Miranda’s Youtube channel, ZEYnHEXinRL, a few days ago. This is how Miranda describes her videos:

 ZEYnHEXinRL is run by Miranda but is created with Hexxer.  We basically enjoy making people laugh, so we decided to create this channel. 

Brief Description of Me : I’m a simple teenager which no extraordinary talent. I’m a Youtuber by day and a part time hobo by night. 

Our goal is to reach 1,000 subscribers and become a YouTube partner! Do help me achieve our dream!

Miranda (picture via her Facebook Fan Page)
Miranda (picture via her Facebook Fan Page)

Here’s someone who is not afraid of clowning around and looking silly in front of the camera. I did find a few of her videos quite amusing, especially this one where she transformed herself into a Xiaxue clone (I think Miranda should know that she looks much prettier the way she is):

Another one of Miranda turning into a hobo:

Enjoy the rest on ZEYnHEXinRL. You can also follow Miranda on her Facebook fan page and twitter channels. 🙂

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