Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

Picture via Aljunied GRC MP, Chen Show Mao's Facebook page
Picture via Aljunied GRC MP, Chen Show Mao's Facebook page

There are many other ways to celebrate Singapore’s birthday, beyond the official showy NDP parade or cheesy giant posters of your estate MPs (there’s nothing wrong with either, they may work for some Singaporeans, but not for me).

For instance, you can take this opportunity to support local brands when you head out shopping today. The good folks from GET SINGAPORE have put up a collection of “Red, Hot and White” products from an assortment of quality Singapore brands they represent, including a collection from LOVE.SG:

LOVE.SG products
LOVE.SG products

Alternatively, you can also support the local film industry. Watch a local movie like Singaporean director, Chai Yee Wei’s horror comedy, TWISTED, now showing in cinemas; otherwise, check out this “Another Home” music video produced by SINdie:

I like the fact that many of my blogger friends like Mint, Yong Wei, Joanne and Hong Peng also participated and acted in this video, out of their own free time, voluntarily.

To me, it is the heart that counts when celebrating Singapore’s birthday. No amount of wayang, glitzy fireworks or display of military muscles can triumph what comes genuinely from the heart.

Happy birthday Singapore.

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