Does H&M know Singapore is a tropical country?

H&M's recommendation for daily wear in Singapore to keep you warm and snug
H&M's recommendation for daily wear in Singapore to keep you warm and snug

The opening of the first H&M clothing store in Singapore last Saturday drew an amazing response from fashion-starved locals, with some queuing outside the Orchard Road store from Friday night.

H&M obviously spent quite a bit on marketing; I have been bombarded with ads touting their store opening via various media channels from outdoor billboards to newspapers and magazines.

What strike me about their ads were not so much the attractiveness of the clothing, but rather, that H&M chooses to front their launch ad campaign with a series of winter and outer wears like sweaters and long coats…

Yes I know $24.90 is a steal for a sweater, but have you stepped outside of air-conditioned comfort in Singapore to experience the sweltering heat outside? Would you still have fancied stocking up on a dozen or more sweaters and jackets that you get to wear once a year whenΒ  you travel overseas?

Yes, I know I am being a bit anal here. H&M is still a wonderful brand which I love. I will still shop there even though the current launch ads irks me.

It must be because I was perspiring profusely the other day when I walked past a H&M bus stop ad touting a $24.90 sweater. I was thinking to myself: “Gosh, I could really use a sweater now to get a heat stroke and a few days MC to rest at home”.Β  πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Does H&M know Singapore is a tropical country?”

  1. This is a trend not only for H&M but other international brands as well… and many Singaporeans do wear boots and scarfs out as well… Singapore is freezing now ma ^^

  2. Anal? not at all… Im from san diego California and I hate when they advertise fall and winter clothes here because its humid and never goes below 75. Which i know in singapore is away worst! it just doesn’t make sense, and certainly does not make me want to buy it.

    -Bianca at

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